Are you loooking for a quality builder for your projects?

  • Prefabs

    We are a point of reference in the market of prefabricated buildings for quality, innovation and research in the sectors of industry, commerce, the tertiary sector, services and infrastructures. We create development and innovation to confirm Clesi as a partner in the development of every company that wants to become a leader in its sector.

  • Production

    In production with the establishment in Ortanova (FG) and with new and important plants in order to make the presence on the territory more widespread so as to respond effectively to customer requests.

  • Services

    Know-how deriving from over thirty years of leadership, we boast unique patents, capable of reducing costs and optimizing time, design, technical and on-site assistance capabilities make of Clesi an important partner.


  • Quality certifications

    Clesi prefabricated products are guaranteed by the CE marking which certifies and meets the requirements of mechanical resistance and stability. safety in case of fire, hygiene, safety and the environment, safety in use, protection against noise, energy saving.

  • Centro ricerche Clesi

    Clesi prefabbricati possiede un centro ricerche che offre ai tecnici progetti formazione e consulenza per ottenere dai nostri prodotti il massimo dei vantaggi.

  • Servizi

    Clesi prefabbricati offre un’ampia gamma di servizi, così da essere il partner ideale per la soluzione dei problemi dei tecnici e dei progettisti.



Vehicles that are always up-to-date and perfectly maintained, give the security of a work carried out in a perfect manner but above all in certain times with a reduction of unforeseen events of the highest profile.


Safety on construction sites is one of our prerogatives, our teams are always perfectly equipped working in the strictest legal parameters, in this way we protect our staff and our customers.


Operating in a sustainability regime is one of our new objectives, we are striving to obtain better and better results in terms of environmental impact, starting from the optimization of the workflow to the choice of low-impact materials.


We value our work by stipulating integrity pacts, respecting the principles of loyalty, transparency and honesty and activating disciplinary procedures in order to offer a relationship that is always serene and relaxed.

Our numbers


million square meters built.