the first and only fully prefabricated foundation in C.A.P. o C.A.V.


Themèlio, the result of Clesi’s decades of experience, is the first entirely prefabricated foundation in prestressed reinforced concrete. Themelio is able to reduce construction site costs, ensure quality and duration of materials, speed up construction times in order to offer the market a valid, effective and safe alternative to traditional foundations in place. Our innovative system allows to build 5,000 square meters of foundation on site in 8 working days.


The Thèmelio prefabricated foundation offers an effective and safe alternative solution to traditional foundations on site. it is designed in full compliance with anti-seismic regulations and according to EUROCODE and is produced exclusively with concrete in class c40 / 50.

The Thèmelio foundation ensures:

The prefabricated foundation is composed of 4 main elements: the prefabricated plinth “Thèmelio” type, the connection system between plinth and pillar (Synde), the connecting beams, the section-breaking plinth (if necessary).

  • The Thèmelio prefabricated plinth.
  • Plinth and pillar Synde connection system.
  • Connecting beams.
  • Cross-section plinth.
  • Mechanical strength.
  • Resistance class in aggressive environments.
  • Absence of vulnerable points to climatic agents.
  • Duration.
  • Precision in positioning.
  • Safety on site.
  • Respect for the environment.


Guaranteed costs

The elements that make up the “Thèmelio” Prefabricated Foundation are entirely produced in our factory with a standardized and certified industrial process. This allows us to indicate, even before putting into production, the precise costs for each foundation. Compared to the foundations in place, where unexpected events on site can affect the final cost, our patented Prefabricated Foundation has guaranteed and expected costs already in the design phase.

Construction site costs

The use of a prefabricated prestressed reinforced concrete foundation reduces all the activities related to the construction of a foundation with a traditional system in place until they are canceled.
The positioning of the prefabricated plinth requires less excavation and therefore less subsequent filling, as well as the absence of a containment structure avoids the use of specialized labor (carpenters, metal workers, etc.) and reduces the use of related products (boards, nails, wire, shaping machines, miter saws, electric current and so on).

Lower security burdens

The technical characteristics of our “Thèmelio” prefabricated plinth reduce the need for excavation and other structures for the safety of the personnel employed on site.

Very few operators are involved in the positioning of the plinth reducing the risk of accidents. The excavation for the installation of our prefabricated plinth it almost completely eliminates the risks of landslides.

Calculation of the foundation included in the delivery

The supply of the prefabricated foundation includes the design and calculation of the same valid for the purposes of filing it with the Civil Engineering.


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