• Services

    Clesi prefabbricati offers a wide range of services, so as to be the ideal partner for solving the problems of technicians and designers.

  • Clesi research center

    Clesi prefabbricati has a research center that offers technicians training and consultancy projects to obtain the maximum benefits from our products.

  • Quality certifications

    Clesi prefabricated products are guaranteed by the CE marking which certifies and meets the requirements of mechanical resistance and stability. safety in case of fire, hygiene, safety and the environment, safety in use, protection against noise, energy saving.


Custom architectural designs;
Static and structural calculations;
Thermohygrometric calculations;

Product quality checks;
Specific certifications;
Calculations according to the UNI 9502 standard on fire resistance;

Shipbuilding assistance;
Supply and installation of all technical components;
Laboratory tests;
Calculation of EPI pursuant to Legislative Decree 311/06




Vehicles that are always up-to-date and perfectly maintained, give the security of a work carried out in a perfect manner but above all in certain times with a reduction of unforeseen events of the highest profile.



Safety on construction sites is one of our prerogatives, our teams are always perfectly equipped working in the strictest legal parameters, in this way we protect our staff and our customers.



Operating in a sustainability regime is one of our new objectives, we are striving to obtain better and better results in terms of environmental impact, starting from the optimization of the workflow to the choice of low-impact materials.


Our products are produced, qualified and certified according to Regulation no. 305/2011.
The CE certification shown on the construction product certifies its compliance with the declared performance, in relation to the fulfillment of the essential requirements.