Sofos: a single solution for multiple uses.


Sofos is the first prefabricated floor in prestressed reinforced concrete with a flat intrados. The structure is lightened by self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene blocks and provided with slow reinforcement on the supports.

Its use is versatile and lends itself to the most different uses in residential, commercial and tertiary construction.

Produced with unique technical solutions developed by Clesi, in the sections of sp. 16, 20, 25 and 30 in cm.

The element that characterizes Sofos is certainly its low weight, which differentiates it from traditional or alternative solutions on the market today.

This construction system is: self-supporting, light and immediately walkable, versatile and adaptable, designed for the thermal comfort of the rooms, ideal in the seismic area, simple and quick to install, with low incidence on the reinforcements supplied, certified and guaranteed.


Sofos prefabricated floors are self-supporting and allow a quick and safe installation (about 400 square meters per day).
They are suitable for decks in civil or large-sized structures such as roofs, given the modularity of the solutions and allow the creation of even complex geometries satisfying any structural requirement.


Many studies and laboratory tests that have taken place during the study and design phases of the new product and the numerous application experiences, due to their vastness and static commitment, have shown that in a deck built with Sofos with reinforced concrete prestressed joists, polystyrene and cast-on-site slab, despite the diversity of the elements making up the slab, monolithic and highly reliable structural solutions are obtained.


Performing in safety

Sofos was born from the performance approach confirmed also in the revision of the Technical Construction Standards (TCS18), the project objectives are clarified in terms of “performance” to be requested from the structure (PBD Performance-Based Design) which, in turn, are calibrated according to the probability that the seismic event is more or less frequent and more or less destructive (MLPD Multi-Level Performance Design).

Anti-seismic and insulating

Sofos is anti-seismic, highly thermally and acoustically insulating. Thanks to the prestressed joists, Sofos floors also have considerable resistance to traction stresses. With the presence of the insulating material also in the lower part of the prestressed joists, Sofos floors eliminate thermal bridges and avoid condensation. Sofos adapts in thicknesses and modules to the most diverse anti-seismic and structural needs and customizes each individual project based on its architectural specifications.


Sofos is the first prefabricated floor in prestressed reinforced concrete with completion of the caldana in place and roofing with or without the caldana in place. Thus resulting even lighter. Without equal. The SofoS slab slab is made up of prestressed concrete beams with fixed center distance, “embedded” in the insulation par excellence the polystyrene, which can have the characteristics (of the EPS type in various densities and with graphite, EPS-T and XPS the latter also self-extinguishing) more variable performance in relation to the most disparate construction needs.


The modularity of Sofos prefabricated floors allows great savings in times of construction, transport, handling and installation of the entire floor. The variable height of the slabs allows you to choose the most suitable thicknesses according to the length, as well as the thermal transmittance and acoustic insulation.


  • Because it is the lightest floor on the market;
  • Significantly increases the thermal insulation characteristics;
  • It is ideal for thermal insulation of buildings given the insensitivity to moisture, the compactness of the cells, the high resistance to compression, the considerable dimensional stability;
  • It is applied quickly and easily, and allows you to keep the floor, walls and roofs warm and dry, protecting them from moisture both by capillarity and by condensation;
  • It can be used in extreme climatic conditions (very high / very low temperatures). The resistance to atmospheric agents is guaranteed by the high resistance to the passage from the freezing phase to the thawing phase. Even situations of high humidity do not constitute any problem for the SofoS;
  • SofoS with Graffite has an excellent fire behavior;
  • It has excellent 100% recyclability of materials;
  • Guarantees optimal sound insulation;
  • Complies with the requirements of UNI 11532-1: 2018 “Internal acoustic characteristics of confined spaces – Design methods and evaluation techniques – Part 1: General requirements”;
  • It has certified fire resistance;
  • It is architecturally multiforme.


  1. Insulation material such as EPS or XPS * or EPS-T * or other
  2.   SofoS prefabricated CAP joist
  3.  Core to be thrown into place
  4.  Ditching reinforcement according to the project in place
  5.  Electro-welded mesh
  6.  Caldana jet (slab) 5 cm on site